Helping Children Handle FEAR

3 easy ways to help them out.

When I was a kid, I used to be afraid of everything!  Snakes, darkness, storms, elevators – you get the idea. I was a total wimp!  Rumor has it that if there was a big storm that I’d go to my youngest sister and jump in bed with her.  Ok, that’s actually a true story.  But it was just because I didn’t want her to be scared.  I swear!

How to Handle Fear

Fortunately for me (and my sister!), I’ve grown up a lot and I’m not afraid of most of the things on that list anymore. Not as much anyways.  But as my girls grow up, I’m starting to hear and see some of the same fearful tendencies in them and kids their age.

In fact, one of our nieces (who is 9 years old) stayed the night recently and was telling me about a scary incident at her house. She recalled the events to me in clear detail.  They live out in the country with no houses around them and she and her siblings were home alone.   A car pulled up their long driveway and they saw that there were two younger-looking guys in the car who just sat in the driveway for a long time and stared at the house.  The dog was going crazy.  The kids were panicking and called their parents.  All of them were all afraid.

The next day, one of my daughters was telling me about her and her cousin’s late-night conversations.  She told how our niece is now afraid to be alone (with her siblings) while their parents are gone and how she is concerned about bad things happening.  Fear has taken hold of her.

As parents, what can we say to help our kids (or grandkids) deal with fear?  Here are a few ideas. (more…)

The Worst Advice Ever

How common advice sounds good but is so, so bad!

A while back I wrote about some of the best advice I’d ever received.  You can read it about here.  It is, obviously, some GREAT advice that may be worth implementing in your life right away!  But it got me thinking about how much bad advice is out there, too.  Like some of these doozies.

Worst Advice

“Always look down the barrel of a gun to make sure it’s not loaded.”

“Pull my finger.  You’ll like it.”

“Close your eyes.  Trust me!”

Don’t you wish that all bad advice were so obvious!?  Me too.  However, some of the worst advice can sound deceptively good.  Like the ones I mention next.  It is some of the worst advice ever.

The sad news is: I bet someone has given this advice to you! (more…)

B Vitamins

What they do and why they matter to your health.

B vitamins play an important role in your health.  I had no idea how much this was true until I began to study and research them a little bit more.  What I found was fascinating.

B Vitamins #1-4

Like many things, B Vitamins are a part of a family (known as B Complex Vitamins) of common vitamins that play an important role in your overall health.  (This is a family-focused blog, so I’m a big fan of all things “family”!)  This article will look at 4 B Vitamins in this family and why they matter (and where you can find them).  In general terms, B Vitamins help your body convert food into fuel and gives it the energy to function and operate at its best.

Here are the first 4 B Vitamins in this family and how they can help you and your family to thrive at life.


Setting Your Sail for Success

How Your Thoughts Determine Your Future

Have you ever considered the fact that thoughts are not neutral?  They are manifested in our lives in so many different ways.  Why?  Because, as we think in our hearts – so we are!

Set your sail for success

If that’s true…then what have your thoughts turned you into?

What thoughts consume you right now?

What keeps you up at night?

These thoughts become the essence of the lives we live.  Take this scenario as an example.

Two children grow up in the same home.  They are poor and struggle to make it from day to day.  One of them focuses his thoughts and energy on how miserable his circumstances are.  The other on rising above and making a better life for him and his family.  Fast forward twenty years.  How do you think their lives turned out?

The illustration is, I hope, obvious.  If we are the essence of the thoughts we allow, then one kid made it out of and rose above his circumstances while the remained stuck.

In order for us to keep from getting stuck, or to get out of it when we are, we must learn to set our sails for success.  Here’s what I mean.

Killing Comparison

3 ways to protect your marriage from the comparison trap.

Marriage can be tough.  But sometimes we make it much harder than it has to be.  In today’s post, I want to look at one of the ways that we often hurt our marriages unintentionally.  The way that we do this is through a sneaky word:  Comparison.

The Comparison Trap

Comparison is like a sickness or disease in our body.  If left unchecked or untreated, it contaminates everything around it and can cause the sickness to spread.  When it comes to marriage, an unfair comparison is often the root cause of many of the battles that couples face.  We see it’s effects manifested in many ways.

  • bitterness
  • anger
  • jealousy
  • frustration
  • secret romances
  • mistrust
  • disappointment

Protect your marriage from the comparison trap before it gets set.  Here are three ways.


Follow the Leader

5 Leaders You Should Follow

Do you remember when you were a kid and you used to play the game, ‘Follow the Leader’?  That was a great game!  Everyone would take turns directing their friends to do whatever they did.  If they walked in a zig-zag, so did you.  If they jumped up and down, you would too.  Whatever the leader did, you followed it up by doing the exact same thing.

5 Leaders to Follow

I want to help you play the game again.  But this time, as adults who are trying to thrive in every area of their lives.

Here’s how it works:

I will give you 5 people who I like to follow and mimic.  These are leaders who specialize in specific areas of life or business that, I believe, can help you thrive in your business and life. 

The idea is simple:  watch what they do and how they do it, and then do the same.  That’s it!

But before I share who these people are and why you may be interested in following them, I want to share this quote from Jim Rohn.  I hope this will help encourage you to consider carefully who you follow.  Here’s what he said:

“You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Think about that.  You are already playing ‘Follow the Leader’ but you may not have even realized it!  You think, talk, act, and become like those you surround yourself with.  Who you follow makes a HUGE difference in the direction and quality of your life. 

So, let’s look at five people who may be worth following.  (more…)

Guard and Grow Your Mind

How to Cultivate Greatness (Part 2)

In this two-part series, we are looking at the potential that we hold for living a thriving, full life.  But as we saw in Part One, there are enemies and obstacles that get in our way.  If left unchecked, these things may cause us to miss out on the potential we have to live a life of greatness. 

How to Cultivate Greatness

In the first part of this conversation, we discussed the idea of guarding your mind.  We do this by recognizing, first of all, that not all people are neutral.  Even those closest to us can unintentionally keep us from living life to the fullest.  Many times, the potential that we have is stolen from (like a squirrel steals an acorn) one dream and one idea at a time.  We are side-swiped by words that may come from kind sources, but leave us questioning if the life we dream of is still possible for us.

“Stay where you are.  You need to play it safe.  Don’t do something stupid.”

“Isn’t this one of those pyramid schemes?”

“You need to be more responsible.  Besides, no one loves what they do.  You need to give that idea up.”

“It’s too late to start now.”

Slowly but surely our potential is crushed by the opinions and words of others.  But we can fight against it if we not only guard our minds but do this as well. (more…)

Guard and Grow Your Mind

How to Cultivate Greatness

Our minds are a lot like oak trees.  They are full of potential and hold the possibility for greatness.  But there are enemies and obstacles that get in the way of reaching that potential.  In this two-part series, (you can read Part 2 here) I will explain how this is true and how we can learn to guard and grow our minds more carefully.

Guard and Grow Your Mind

Here’s what I mean.

Each year, an oak tree produces thousands of acorns.  In fact, a huge oak tree can produce close to 10,000 in a mast year.  There are so many acorns, in fact, that one tree has the potential of populating a decent-sized forest all by itself!  But it doesn’t ever happen that way.  Why is that?

There are two main reasons and, as you’ll see, these reasons are not so different from what keeps you and I from our potential for greatness as well.

The reasons?  Squirrels and the hard ground at the foot of the tree.

In this short conversation, I want to look at how this relates to us and give a few, simple ways that we can change this. (more…)

One Day of Rest Unlike The Rest

5 Steps For A Modern Day Sabbath

Our world is full of problems today.  Homelessness, poverty, cancer, racism, and sex trafficking all come to mind.  But if I’m honest about it, I rarely deal with these issues directly.  I recognize that they are problems, but they just don’t dominate my day-to-day life.  However, one of the biggest issues that I do face on an ongoing basis is the issue of “rest”.  While this may seem to pale in comparison to the issues mentioned above, this problem is more prevalent and serious than you may think.

A Day of Rest

Consider your own life for a minute.

When is the last time you simply rested and enjoyed your day?  Any day for that matter!

How difficult is it for you to unplug from your technology and go a full day without anything on the schedule?

How consistently do you find yourself saying ‘no’ and protecting your life from being over-run? (or maybe I should say from being “run over”!)

If you’re anything like me, these questions aren’t very easy to answer.  But finding margin and rhythm in your life is crucial if you want to thrive in it.  Here are a few ways that you can begin to do that today. (more…)

Prayer and Me

An Unholy Confession

I have a confession to make.  It’s a sad one.  I hope you’ll pray for me when you hear it.  I have a lot that is undone in me, but this is one of the worst.  It screams of pride and selfishness and ego.  But I don’t think I’m alone in this, so I hope this post helps other people who can relate.

Prayer and my confession.

My confession is that I am not good at, nor engage often enough, in prayer.

While that, in some small measure, feels good to get off my chest, it really doesn’t relieve any of the guilt or pressure that comes with this confession.  The truth is, prayer and me are not very good friends.