3 of God’s Greatest Gifts

If you don't have these yet you'll be praying that will!

Think about all of God’s gifts in your life.  They would fill up page after page if you were to write them all down.  In fact, I think you should!  Take some time to reflect on them and write them down in a journal so you can see them in front of you.  It’s an amazing exercise and fills your heart with immense gratitude.

3 of God's Underrated Gifts

But there are underrated and unexpected gifts that we rarely reflect on enough.  See if you can find them in this passage.  There are 3 that stand out the most. (more…)

The Wisdom Ladder

5 levels of wisdom you may not know about.

In ancient times, wisdom used to be celebrated; just like selfies and funky Snapchat videos are celebrated in today’s world.  My how times have changed!  But I am hoping that, together, we can make wisdom trendy and chic once again.

Climbing the Wisdom Ladder

There are many benefits of wisdom.  However, not all wisdom is the same. It is laddered and made up of five unique levels.

But before we look at that, let’s look at the benefits of a wise life.  Here are just a few benefits according to Proverbs 1:1-5 and the man that many scholars consider to be “the wisest man to ever live”, King Solomon:

  • learning how to live a disciplined life
  • for understanding words of insight
  • living a prudent life
  • in order to understand what is right, just, and fair
  • to help simple people become wise
  • to help young people have discretion
  • helping the wise to grow wiser
  • and to provide guidance and understanding as we journey through life

There are 5 levels of wisdom and they are progressive in nature.  Think of them like a ladder with one rung leading upward to the next.  Here’s what I think they are.


Prayer and Me

An Unholy Confession

I have a confession to make.  It’s a sad one.  I hope you’ll pray for me when you hear it.  I have a lot that is undone in me, but this is one of the worst.  It screams of pride and selfishness and ego.  But I don’t think I’m alone in this, so I hope this post helps other people who can relate.

Prayer and my confession.

My confession is that I am not good at, nor engage often enough, in prayer.

While that, in some small measure, feels good to get off my chest, it really doesn’t relieve any of the guilt or pressure that comes with this confession.  The truth is, prayer and me are not very good friends.


Faith and Fruit

The root of all problems begins and ends with faith

All people are people of faith.  Some of us have faith in God.  Some have faith in themselves and do not believe in God.  Some have faith in science and nature.  Others have faith in their 401k, their status, or their family.  But no matter where you fall in this continuum of faith, it is my opinion that we all live by it and our lives reflect the essence of the faith we hold dear.


Tony Evans in his must-read book, The Kingdom Agenda, tells a story we should all pay attention to in regards to this issue.  Here’s the gist of what he says:

A man went to the doctor because his body seemed to hurt all over.  The doctor examined the man thoroughly but was very puzzled.  No matter where the man would point to or wherever he touched, the doctor could never find anything out of place.  Everything seemed to be fine and in good, working order. Yet, the man would point and touch different parts of his body and would always feel pain.  After much head-scratching and probing, this wise doctor eventually discovered what was going on.  What he soon realized was that the real problem that was causing this man so much pain was that he had a dislocated finger.  Therefore, everywhere and everything he touched would always hurt because he pointed to it with his dislocated finger.

The point:  If we hope to thrive in any area of our lives, we must first discover what the REAL PROBLEM is before we can accurately diagnose and treat the symptoms.

So what is the root problem in most of our lives?  It begins and ends with faith.

Let me explain.